Plant Shelfie {and a new blog series}

Hey folks! I think I’m ready for spring. No, for real. Every year, around the same time in winter, I’m craving spring, I’m checking spring / summer clothing and shoe collections, and I want to add some fresh color to my interior. Do you do that as well?

I’ve been spending quite some time on at {mine} lately – if you missed my post about this great new platform, then read more about it here and why I really like it – and I got to see and ‘stalk’ other bloggers and interior design lovers’ interiors. And then, the magic happened : I realized that by adding some simple plants in my living room, I didn’t need to crave for spring, I could create spring, #likeaboss.

Here are some pictures that really inspired me to add more green to my interior:

{at Susanna Vento} at {Susanna Vento}

{at Neg Shorbi} at {Neg Shorbi}

{at Monstercircus} at {Mette Monsterscircus}

{at Hege Morris} at {Hege Morris}

I get so much inspiration from ‘real’, authentic interiors on the at {mine} community that I decided to create a blog series, where I showcase some interiors from other at {mine} members. It could be a bedroom inspiration, a color inspiration, a full house tour, really… anything! So if you are on at {mine}, let me know. Even better, tag your picture with the hashtag #minebydesign so I can ‘meet’ you and come hang out in your interior and feature your space on the blog.

{at Stephanie Schetter} at {Stephanie Schetter}

{at Helga de Wall} at {Helga de Waal}

{at Gitte Christensen} at {Gitte Christensen}

{at Jeska Hearne} at {Jeska Hearne}

Are you on at {mine}? What’s your handle name? Let’s meet! You can find me at {FrenchByDesign}. Cheers, Si-

Note : This post is part of a brand ambassador collaboration with at {mine} but all opinions are my own.


14 thoughts on “Plant Shelfie {and a new blog series}

  1. Nice inspiration which makes me think about re-organizing our plant at home =)

    And here, in Czech, we do not have thoughts about spring at all, nights are colder and colder, somewhere also snowing, so it seems the real winter is coming =D


    1. I think that’s exactly why I’m craving so much spring though. We’re having a wet and cold winter here (nothing comparable to Czech Republic though), and I’m done with it! ;)

    1. I know, it’s adorable!
      If you go direcltly on Mette’s picture, she tagged the source of this lovely shelf (another great feature of at {mine} is the ability to access product sources via tags).
      Here is the link:

      Thanks for stopping by Yna!

  2. Nice! I think the plants are the one bringing out the beauty of your home. It’s simple but very relaxing.

  3. I’m atmine and I’m already following you :) . I haven’t put lots of pictures yet, cause I really haven’t had the time. I’m to busy on instagram :) . But I love me some plants. I tend to kill them slowly now and then and the huge ones are so expensive but this year i’m buying one plant every month. great goal don’t you think?!

    1. Ah, what a brilliant idea, I love it!
      Funny enough, I’m having a bit of a hard time with Instagram lately : too many reposts and pinterest pics on my feed. I’m sure I’ll get back to it eventually but, heh, I feel that it’s missing the authenticity it used to have…
      Have a lovely week! Xo-

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