Pets in interiors

Pets… They have a special way to add warmth and authenticity to an interior picture. I adore seeing my favorite online friends’ pets on pictures. It makes me feel like I know these people a bit more, without invading their private world – when kids may be off-limits for many of us, pets are not. Don’t you agree? Case in point: if I don’t post about miss Daisy on social media for a while, I get comments asking if all is ok and how she’s doing! I sometimes wonder if I should not create a special handle for the social media star she has become.

French By Design
at {French By Design}

Welcome to a new installment of a series where I present real interiors from the at {mine} community – if you missed the first one, you can still find it here. This time, we’re talking pets. I browsed through the extensive selection of at {mine} community members’ pictures, and found interiors with four-legged friends. Here are my favorite pictures!

French By Design
at {Carolina Kommonen}


French By Design
at {Graziella Louhio}


French By Design
at {Bodie and Fou}


French By Design
at { Silke Bonde}


French By Design
at {Katy Orme}


French By Design
at {Cecile With a Love Like That}

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8 thoughts on “Pets in interiors

  1. This is just too adorable! Silke Bonde’s dog has such a sweet expression in his eyes! Love this post, this made my day!

    1. I know right? I think his name is Balder. What an adorable pup! Have a lovely day Lucia! Xx-

  2. the grey cat on the table is a beautiful pic. Both cat and interior, thanks.

  3. Hi Si,
    Could you please tell me the name or brand of the lamp on the second picture ? (by Carolina Kommonen). I really like it.
    Thank you so much and best regards from Barcelona.

    1. Hey Cecília! Have you checked Carolina’s feed on at{mine}? She may have tagged the source of her wall lamp on one of her pictures – you would see a grey sticker on tagged items on a picture. I’ll go have a look later and let you know if I find anything. Xo, Si-

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