8 inspiring ways to use pegboards

I’ve been looking for ways to organize the small desk area in my studio [we have a spare room in the garage where I store my props and sometimes use for photo shoots or messy craft projects]. One idea that I like a lot is using a pegboard as a wall storage solution, freeing up space on the desk and shelves – and when space is limited, thinking vertically is the way to go. I also like their use as mood-board panels, don’t you?

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9 thoughts on “8 inspiring ways to use pegboards

  1. I will need to invest in a peg board because these images are inspiring. I love that you can just hang anything and everything and use it as a mood board for days when your muse isn’t so creative. I will assume you can purchase them at any of your local hardware stores?

    1. Yes, Yooni, you can find these precut at any hardware store. Xo, Si-

  2. What great ideas! I usually see peg boards in garages organizing tools but these ideas are so pretty. I’ll have to try some in the studio.

  3. Where do you find the solid boards with fatter pegs in pictures 3 & 6? More finished than regular pegboard.

  4. I live in NYC and just bought pegboard so this post has great timing and ideas (thanks so much!!) Purchased from a lumber yard nestled in midtown: “Prince Lumber” and had it cut to size. Note spray paint is not the best option if you want color, use regular paint.

  5. That’s lovely!! I love pegboard, and I’m seriously thinking to get one for my bedroom. I’m redecorating it, but it’s not finished yet ;)
    Check my blog to see what I’m doing.

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