10 things I learned this year

While many are getting ready for upcoming new year resolutions, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what 2015 taught me and what I’ve learnt this year. 2015 was an awakening for me. 2015 changed me a lot, made me grow as a person, and here are the 10 things I learned about myself this year.

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1. It’s ok to be more personal on this blog; it took me 6 years to open up and drop the curtain between me and my blog. Almost like a therapy session, I slowly opened up and it feels great to share more personal stuff here.

2. Getting out of my comfort zone makes me grow as a person, whether it’s talking about a personal topic here, or being on the other side of the camera and getting photographed.

3. Taking risks and trying new things is good, because it’s so easy to keep doing the same things over and over, but it doesn’t make you grow. Taking risks and trying new things is a healthy way to develop your blog and yourself.

4. Accepting myself with my flaws. Sure I’m not a size 4, I’m not 30 anymore, and I have my good as well as my bad days, just like everyone else, and I’m learning to accept that I’m not as perfect I’d like to be. It’s ok not to be perfect.

5. Being real. Maintining a ‘perfect life’ online is not only unhealthy, it doesn’t really help you or your readers. We are all a bit tired of the perfect Instagram moments and worry-free, ‘livin’ the dream’ life some people are trying to depict online. I’m not saying we should all share our crappy days on our blogs or IG feeds, but let’s be a bit more authentic and real.

6. I don’t need to please everyone. This took me 40 years to realize this simple truth; it is ok not to get 100% of the votes and feel the love from everyone. You are not designed for everyone to like you. What’s important is feeling the love from people who really matter to you.

7. Listen to your guts: sometimes, closing the door to an unhealthy friendship or business relationship is painful, but necessary to grow. I’ve had to say goodbye to a long term friendship this year and abort a business project with an acquaintance earlier in 2015. In both cases, the relationship was unhealthy and I had refused to see the obvious warning signs or evident red flags. Staying in an unhealthy relationship, whether personal or professional, won’t make your issues disappear; when it’s time to say goodbye, just do it and move on, however hard this may be.

8. Once in a while, stop, pause, and assess your path, your achievements, your weaknesses and stop pushing yourself in an unhealthy way. We live in a world where we’re all supposed and expected to be winners, super successful entrepreneurs, and it’s easy to get burnt. Take the time to smell the roses and learn to be proactive with stress signs before they take over.

9. Surround yourself with people who value and support you and want to see you succeed. Your loved ones are here for you, to support you and to help you grow. I’ve learnt to take the time to appreciate more these people in my life.

10. Learning to say ‘no’ is not only ok, it’s actually required to grow. Refuse relationships or collaborations that are simply not right for you and your growth. This second part of 2015, I’ve been working on being more focused and saying no when I need to. It’s ok if you come across as a boss bitch. Remember, you don’t have to please everyone. This is your journey.

French By Design

On a last note, I could not finish this post without a much needed thank you to each and all of you for your tremendous support this year. You were instrumental in my personal development and helped me grow both as a person and a blogger. So merci for being here, for your comments of support, for sharing your stories when we talked about personal issues, for being so real and keeping me grounded.

What have you learnt this year? Has 2015 been a good one in your book?


Photography : Sandra Fazzino for French By Design


14 thoughts on “10 things I learned this year

  1. 2015 looks good on you, Si! Thank you for your sweet words, and looking forward to spending my 2016 coffee breaks with you! ;-)

  2. Really enjoyed this more personal post! 2015 has definitely been a year of growth for me as well, and I really loved reading about all of the things that you learned too because it reminds me of everything that I need to reflect on too :)

    XO, Elizabeth

  3. So true!
    Even though at some theoretical level we know all those things, it takes us a while until we learn to actually apply them.

    Happy Thursday!

  4. Hi Si,

    My most sincere respect for your work and a big Merci for having us in your blog this year. Love your end of the year inspiring thoughts and pictures. My best to the upcoming 2016. Mona.

  5. Je vous remercie egalement pour ce post tres inspirant et la sincerité de vos propos et vous souhaite de continuer à évoluer personnellement et professionnellement.

  6. I love this. This is an exact reflection of where I am in my life. It was great to read and realize I’m not alone.

  7. Please try not to be a boss bitch.
    The anxiety created through work stress carries over into everything we are.

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