In observance of the three days of national mourning announced by François Hollande following the deadly Paris attacks, the blog will not be updated and all upcoming scheduled posts have been cancelled. Thank you for your understanding, and vive la France. Xo, Si-

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10 thoughts on “#Paris

  1. Ma pensée et nos prières sont avec le peuple de France à cette période difficile.

  2. Desde aqui Buenos Aires Arg mi gran Triteza y consuelo .Un apoyo afectuoso por todas las inocentes victimas.

  3. heartfelt sadness over this senseless act. My deepest sympathy to you and your homeland.

  4. Hope your family & friends in Paris are doing okay. Take your time as these a very difficult. I wish you strength for you and your family.

  5. Thank you, Si, for sensitively honoring the intention of these three days of mourning. These massacres are an immense atrocity against our Parisian sisters and brother, and all mankind #PrayForParis

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