Glitter wonderland + a mixtape

I’m inviting you to my holiday party, so paint your nails in your favorite shade of red, put some lipstick on and let’s mingle!

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I love this time of the year, the magic of the holiday season, the crisp cold weather, the bare trees, and this feeling that the year is coming soon to an end and there are new beginnings ahead. And if there is one time of the year where we can go all glitter, it is now or never, right?

French By Design

So when Pier 1 asked me to partner up again and share some holiday table inspiration, I said yes, excited about this new creative challenge. This time, I switched things up with a buffet table, because the holiday season for me is about gathering, mingling with the people I love and enjoy gathering with, in a chic, glamorous, but casual setting, instead of sitting at a formal dinner table. Are you in? Welcome to my glitter wonderland table!

French By Design

Isn’t this faux fur wine scarf adorable? I just couldn’t resist getting it for my holiday table, and I used it as a Champagne bottle scarf. So chic and très Audrey Hepburn!

French By Design

My buffet table may be all glittery, but as always, I want things to be chic yet simple. Understated elegance is the keyword here. Here is how I dressed up my holiday table with Pier 1:

French By Design French By Design

I chose the beautiful champagne flutes from the Pier1 Schott Zwiesel collection. Then, I used some edible glitter as glass rimmers, to add a bit of ‘va-va-voum’ effect. On other glasses, I just added some miniature gold balloons – or white balloons on which I dip painted some glitter paint – attached to wooden skewers.

French By Design

For the table ‘floral’ holiday touch, I cut out a branch from a dying tree in our backyard, and spray painted it for a white holiday feel. I put my “holiday” tree in a big glass vase, securing it with stones and small rocks inside. To cover my installation, I filled the vase with some white linen fabric and wrapped a set of Pier 1 glimmer string lights around the fabric, inside the vase. When lit, it’s truly magical!

The ornaments I chose from the Pier 1 collection are : the icicle glass ornaments, some beaded ball gold ornaments, a few luster drop ornaments – because I adore their simple and clean design – and some gold rattan star ornaments. Because my DIY branch holiday tree is so simple and white, these ornaments work well and add just enough glitter and magic to my buffet table, don’t you think?

I also used a Champagne beaded garland as a table runner to add more magic and glitter to my table.

French By DesignFrench By Design

For the menu, since it’s a buffet table, I prepared some fancy bite-sized dishes that are easy to prepare in big batches : salmon and dill toasts, mango salsa and grilled shrimp bites, and some brie and pomegranate crostinis. I also added some chocolate truffles for the sweet-tooth aficionados. For presentation, I chose some delicate but very simple pieces to present the food : the a gold charger, and some white porcelain spoons for my mango shrimp bites.

French By Design French By DesignFrench By Design

And because no party prep is complete without some music, I prepared a new mixtape to share with you. In fact, I am not a fan of traditional Christmas carols, so I prepared for those of you who like less-traditional holiday tunes a playlist, with some holiday remixes and funky lounge songs. Beware though, some of your guests may end up transforming your reception area into a dance floor!

French By Design


I hope you enjoyed my glitter wonderland holiday table and got some inspiration for an upcoming holiday event of yours. What’s your favorite element? Xo, Si-

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9 thoughts on “Glitter wonderland + a mixtape

  1. I adore your little white table tree, and will be using your spotify playlist for my friendsgiving party next week. Merci baucoup! XoXo

  2. Just gotta say that your spotify playlist is purely awesome… First time I actually enjoy a holiday mixtape. Great work, thanks!

  3. Your taste is impeccable: every little detail makes your buffet so chic and elegant. I adore the decorated flute ideas. Perfection!
    Xoxo, Charlotte

  4. What a lovely table setting, and I love your playlists. Please make some more!

  5. I love the edible glitter on the glasses idea! Everything looks so pretty and inviting. Those mango shrimp bites look especially yummy too.

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