Keeping the romance alive

When was the last time you had a romantic date with your +1? With work, kids, chores, tutoring, school pick-ups, extra curricular activities and life’s everyday challenges, it’s hard to keep the romance alive, unless we make it a point to. But then again, going out on a date can seriously drain your household’s budget, between the restaurant bill, the baby sitter, etc.

So I teamed up with portrait and lifestyle photographer Cindy Loughridge and Kiana Underwood, from Tulipina Floral Design, to set up a romantic table in my backyard. Picture this : kids are at school, it’s fall season, which means days are still warm and sunny and you two took a day off, just because it’s a-non-birthday-nor-valentine-but-I-still-love-you kinda day. Just because after a few years of life together, it’s nice once in a while to meet with your +1 and not talk only about kids and bills and other delightful grown-ups topics.

French By Design

How about dusting off the guests’ dining china set – you know, the one you take out only for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter maybe – and set up a pretty table with your favorite linen table cloth, arrange some flowers, and have a romantic lunch outdoors with the man/woman of your life, the father/mother of your children, the person you share your life with?

French By Design

For this meal, I decided to prepare something rather simple since it’s a lunch date [and the point is NOT to spend all morning in the kitchen for meal preps’, otherwise, I’m out… thanks, but no thanks] : an arugula salad with dried cranberries, roasted walnuts, goat cheese, and a homemade balsamic vinaigrette; a toasted bagel, topped with cream cheese, salmon, red onions, capers and lemon juice.

French By Design French By Design French By Design French By Design

For dessert, I prepared a tiramisu and decided to present it in a crystal wine glass – it gives this dessert a special, “grandiose”, oh-la-la look, doesn’t it? Kiana created one of her lovely floral arrangements in soft autumn hues to set the tone of this romantic date. Gorgeous, n’est ce pas? And Cindy captured the scene through her magical lenses.

French By Design

PS : don’t forget the music! You can access my ‘Autumn Mood‘ Spotify playlist shared in this post to complete the romantic ambiance.

French By Design

Do you have impromptu dates-in? When was the last time you celebrated your couple for no-particular reason? Because it’s the little things that make life together so special after all. Cheers friends, Si-

French By Design

Photography: Cindy Loughridge – Floral design: Kiana Underwood – Art Direction: FrenchByDesign


14 thoughts on “Keeping the romance alive

  1. Oh, this setting is perfect, and I adore the idea of celebrating without a specific reason! Fantastic mood and pictures, thank you so much for the inspiration! Claire-

  2. Love, love and love again this idea! So many people say they hate celebrating Valentine’s Day, but yet they don’t make any effort the rest of the year.
    PS : that bouquet is gorg’!

    1. Haha, i totally agree! My FB wall is covered with anti-valentine-day mesaages every February, but i don’t see many romantic events posted the rest of the year either… Yes to keeping the romance any and EVERY day of the year! Plus, Kiana’s bouquets ;)

  3. Love this! I pick up a bouquet every Sunday at the Farmer’s Market for my desk at work. It makes such a lovely difference.

    1. Love this idea, Rachel! Flowers always make things brighter! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Oh yes, your patio is the perfect setting, Birgit! Put Mila to bed early, and bring it on! xoxo-

  4. This is so lovely. we don’t have kids but we both have our own small business and that takes allot of our time incl. the chores ofcourse. And seeing how much we go out to dinners, it’s about we cut back on that and save some money and enjoy quality time at home. Thanks for sharing.

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