Living space update : my new rug

I love to update my living space with the seasons changing. But it’s not always a question of buying new stuff to constantly keep up with the mood or the trend. Instead, I like to move things around and experiment with objects already in my interior. But once in a while, I have a new purchase in mind, and I’m known to scout and wait patiently until the object of my dream can be mine.

I’ve been looking for quite a while for a second statement rug [to alternate from my beloved black and white Moroccan rug] for my living room, but did not know anything about the style and name of the exact type of rug I had in mind and which keyword to use for my web search. And then I finally found it : a bukhara rug – or bokhara rug, same thing, different spellings. I’m fond of the ‘marsala’ or ‘merlot’ tones of these rugs [they come in all sorts of colors though], whether with striking contrast or washed out hues, and I love how these rugs complement white and wood textures, and modern interiors.

So I created an alert with the keyword ‘Bukhara rug‘ on eBay, patiently waiting to find this Bukhara rug of mine. And I did! I am so glad I waited, because I got a rug within my budget, with the perfect size for my space. It looks great by my bookcase, or as a statement piece by my white sofa – and I love how its color changes with the natural light of the room. It’s also a very versatile piece, and I will be able to move it around the rooms of my house, from the TV corner to the upstairs foyer, or even my office space.

French By Design

Now, my living room is ready for the Fall season! What do you think?

French By Design French By Design

If you like this style, I highly recommend you consider getting one before they become too ‘trendy’ – when I bought my black and white Beni Ouarain rug 10 years ago, they were not all-hype and trendy, and I paid mine a fraction of what they sell for now. Happy hunting! Xo, Si-


12 thoughts on “Living space update : my new rug

  1. Love the cranberry and cinnamon warmth the rug brings to your room, perfect for the coming cooler weather (although it looks like it will suit your home any time of the year). Cheers, Ardith

    1. That’s exactly what I’m hoping for. We just ordered a sofa for our TV corner in a light beige/ caramel shade, I am thinking this rug could work there as well :-)

  2. i think it works great with the floors and the white walls and sofa. It adds warm to the room and makes colors stand out. Since I have similar windows and sofa placement, could I ask you if you have any shades or panels in your windows? Hard to tell from the picture and I am in the process or rethinking mines…thanks!

    1. Hey Margarita, I have some simple roman shades on the windows for privacy; I wish I could upgrade them, but we are currently renting, and I don’t know how long we’re here for. Xx, Si-

    1. These are olive tree branches, my favorite plant in the whole wide world! ;-)

  3. I think it is fantastic, but….it has been in “style” for quite sometime, just timeless style.
    You are talented!

    1. Oh, I never tried to imply that I was starting a trend here, Sara – the inspiration mood board picture I shared clearly shows that these rugs have been around before I got mine. I meant that they are still affordable as of today using these simple search keywords. Xx-

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