Monday desk love

It’s been a while since my last ‘Monday desk love’ inspiration post, so here we go : a fresh, clean, organized work space that makes me almost excited to say good bye to the weekend. Almost.

Wishing you a lovely new week. I can’t believe this is the last week before school starts for one of my girls. Nooo! Xo, Si-


12 thoughts on “Monday desk love

  1. Nice styling of a side table with chair but no desk, is it? I look at my desk and see the essentials: a computer, a monitor, a keyboard, a scanner, a printer, a telephone, 2 external hard disks, 2 speakers, a lamp, of course… plus uncountable cords behind the desk. So I wonder what kind of work can be done at the pictured desk. Pressing flowers? I’d wish to see a real desk of the year 2015 in an interior style feature once ;)

    1. I don’t agree with you Barbara, and I hope it’s ok if I share my opinion.
      In this day and age of technology, you can achieve a similar ‘mess and clutter free’ feel to your home office: laptop, wifi, bluetooth. Today’s desk doesn’t have to have cables everywhere : my personal printer is not sitting on my desk. When I don’t use my laptop, I stow it away to have more room for crafts, etc…
      Cheers, Si-

      1. I am all for that … beauty is important too why not combining beauty and functionality … for me the workplace looks so nice …

    1. Arh, no, I don’t know the exact name of this plant… I’m so ignorant about indoor plants, it’s pathetic. Hopefully, another reader will. If I come across its name, I’ll follow up! Good day Michael! Si-

      1. No worries, I am the same ignorant, that’s why I am asking. But thankfully to people over the internet and blogs, I can tell, we have now at home the potted banana tree, zamioculcas or ficus benjamina which makes our home greener ^_^
        Happy day to you too =)

  2. anyone noticed that the ceiling also is quite beautiful even if there ony is a tiny bit that can be seen? <3

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