Early bird

As I mentioned before on the blog, I’m one of those people who have a horrible time with travel time difference. The rest of my family is almost over with it and well adjusted, but not me… nah. I’ve been waking up at 3am since we got back and miserably crash by 8:30pm every single night. I tried all your tricks, friends, but to no avail.

Early Bird | FrenchByDesign

That is until I tried the cute and colorful method foaming body wash bottles. Bubbles, friends, energy bubbles is how I’d describe the new method foaming body wash. The fresh, stimulating bubbles get my senses and creative juices flowing for the day, and it’s been helping a whole lot my morning energy. I also love the fact that these little lovelies are packed with moisturizers, leaving my skin soft and hydrated – and since I’m sporting a healthy summer tan from hanging out by the pool and rafting on the Gorges du Verdon, I’ll get all the moisture I can to keep this healthy glow as long as possible.

Early Bird | FrenchByDesign Early Bird | FrenchByDesign Early Bird | FrenchByDesign

The girls fell for the ruby orange and water flower vibrant colors and smells, while I favored the mint cucumber refreshing scent.

I am also making a conscious effort to eat healthy meals at regular hours to get my metabolism back on the US pacific time zone and feel that it’s also helping.

Early Bird | FrenchByDesign

For breakfast, I’m enjoying a heathly meal such as a wheat and quinoa avocado toast and a strawberry cucumber and mint smoothie.

The new method Foaming Body Wash is sold exclusively at Target Stores now and through October 2015.

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Photography and art direction: FrenchByDesign © – Original watercolor artwork by Inès ©


7 thoughts on “Early bird

  1. oh, poor thing, i hope you can catch up with sleep this coming weekend an get rid of this jet lag. have a great weekend, si!
    ps: loooove the watercolor backgrounds in your photos, so fresh!

    1. Oh thank you Carol-Ann! Inès, my favorite 15-year-old artist, made the watercolor backgrounds ;-) She’ll be very proud to read this comment! Have a lovely weekend as well, Xo, Si-

  2. Inès is now my favorite 15-year-old artist too!! Si, honestly, I assumed this was a sponsored post by Method and these were the photos they provided you with matching Turkish towels and backgrounds. These paintings are so amazing and you use them so well in your photographs. I think this jet lag thing is working well for you and your creative bug. Haha!! :)

    1. Oh wow, coming from the photography pro that you are, this complement is huge! Thank you so much Yvonne!
      Yes, Inès rocked it, I just gave her the watercolor tubes and let her go free-style. I love how it turned out! And the turkish towels are a purchase from a Provence farmers’ market, just pure coincidence that they matched the bottle colors so well. This was definitely a fun project with my girl… that method foaming body wash is definitely doing a miraculous thing on our creative energy! ;-))

      Merci for your sweet words Yvonne!

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