How I switched it up!

Switch it Up, brought to you by Ford, is a fun new show on YouTube that documents experts trying something they haven’t done in a long time or never done before. This week’s episode, featuring fitness expert Cassey Ho making her photography debut, inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and borrow my daughters’ pair of roller blades and get rolling! So, with all the courage I could gather – and my ego locked in a drawer – I decided to embark on a roller blade adventure at the park.

Switch It Up - French By Design

Now, let me say that I hadn’t roller bladed in more than 20 years, that I’m past 40 years old, and was really afraid to 1. hurt myself and 2. ridicule myself in public.


Armed with ALL the protective gear I could possibly wear, I stood up on these rollers and went for a ride at the Golden Gate park in San Francisco.

And something really AMAZING happened…

I had fun like a 15-year-old, realized that roller blading is like the bicycle, once you learn it, you never forget. Also, I was really surprised and amazed at people’s reaction at the park. So many cheered me up, telling me that it was so cool, that they too wanted to try it again and all I saw were smiles and smiles along the ride.

By the end of my expedition, I was rolling like a champ, all pumped up, my ego majorly boosted – I still did not try some olympic skating figures, because, honestly, let’s not push our luck here!

Switch It Up - French By Design Switch It Up - French By Design

It’s funny how, in life, we build against ourselves some obstacles and create stereotypes that prevent us from enjoying simple things fully. It’s never too late to reinvent yourself, learn something new or get back to a lost hobby. Age? Nah, everything, mostly, is on our mind.

Did you switch ip up lately? What would you do switch it up? Is there a hobby you left behind that was dear to you? A sport you’ve always wanted to try? A dancing class? A crafting skill? Tell me!

I can tell you is that it felt darn good to step outside of my comfort zone for this challenge. After all, it’s never too late to start anything you want to start in life. That’s the message I want my girls to keep in mind at all times in their life, and I’m proud I could walk the talk. Cheers friends!

Switch It Up - French By Design

Art Direction: FrenchByDesign – Photography : Alec Leon


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9 thoughts on “How I switched it up!

    1. I had so much fun indeed! A little ‘sore’ the following day, but so worth it!

  1. Si – I adore this post and your energy to switch it up! I did the very same thing last year, at 50 years old, took my 16 year old to Ocean Beach and went body surfing for the first time in 20+ years. It takes a San Franciscan to know how daunting because of those waves, and the cold and the occasional undertow. It was so life affirming, even after that first big wave rolled me over and over on to the sandy floor. Your post takes me back to that day with my son and I’m reminded that anything is possible with a fresh attitude. Thank you! :)

    1. Wow, you go girl! Body surfing on Ocean Beach is indeed a challenging switch it up! Thanks for sharing your experience, and thank you even more for the sweet words. Xx, Si-

  2. ¡Fantástico! Me encanta esa energía que desprendes disfrutando este lindo deporte. Gracias por compartirlo con todos/as.

    1. Miss you much lady! Let’s switch it up together when you return from your vacation!

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