Summer DIY | Ice buckets

I’m quite fond of these ideas of ice buckets for summer entertaining. Pretty and practical, they keep your bottles cold and add instantly panache to your table. I love the idea of mixing flowers and fruits to add more color and keep the summer colorful vibe. What a cool DIY project!

Pretty Ice Buckets | FrenchByDesign Pretty Ice Buckets | FrenchByDesign

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10 thoughts on “Summer DIY | Ice buckets

  1. This is such a novel and refreshing idea! I thought most of these fun delicacies were reserved for inside a pimms glass but you’ve opened my mind up to all these new possibilities!

    1. I’m not sure, I have yet to try this at home. Of course , it will eventually melt, I’d say within 2 hours. I went to a party, but they had kept the clear glass bowl over the ice mold to avoid water dripping on the tablecloth. Xx, Si-

  2. Even the flowers and herbs in the ice cubes are the perfect touch and no mess involved if they melt. These simple touches are the best way to brighten a party!

    Megan || Oh Hey! blog

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  3. I’ve done this with Aquavit at Christmas time. I use evergreen, holly, what ever looks good for the season. You can freeze the Aquavit right in the middle. I put it in a shallow, but big, pretty bowl so as it melts it won’t make a mess of the table. These summery ones look great.

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