Bastille Day

Happy Bastille Day sweet friends! We are celebrating this French holiday at my friends Anne Marie and Patrick’s home in the South of France, with fresh products from the local farmers’ market : watermelon and  cantaloupe skewers, fresh radishes, Ardèche cherries, and tapenade bruschettas.

Bastille Day | FrenchByDesign Bastille Day | FrenchByDesign

We also popped a couple of Champagne bottles for the occasion. Have you heard of Brimoncourt, this young French Champagne brand that just launched in the US?  I love their Brut Regence champagne, so fresh, elegant and light! If you haven’t tried Brimoncourt champagne yet, I highly recommend*! Wishing you a lovely Bastille Day… Santé! Si-

Bastille Day | FrenchByDesign

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* Please drink responsibly.

Champagne bottles c/o Brimoncourt


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  1. Si, so lovely knowing you are with good friends and family celebrating France’s National Day with bubbles. I might just have to re-create the same this evening on this side of the pond for French-Americans and all us wanna-be’s ;)

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