Take me to Greece!

Ah, I think I’m suffering from a strong case of sun withdrawal and vitamin D deficiency. San Francisco’s fog has arrived a few weeks ago already for the summer, and although it makes San Francisco prettier and more photogenic, I’m longing for sunny days. I can’t complain, I’m a bit more than a week away for the family summer escape, with a long stop to Southern France. Meanwhile, here is a bit of Mediterranean bliss with this gorgeous minimalist summer home located in Greece.

I could spend my entire summer there, away from the world, the buzz and the stress, couldn’t you?

Escape to Greece - via FrenchByDesignEscape to Greece - via FrenchByDesign Escape to Greece - via FrenchByDesign Escape to Greece - via FrenchByDesign Escape to Greece - via FrenchByDesign

Credits : R. Ricard for Elle France


10 thoughts on “Take me to Greece!

  1. Si, I too have Mediterranean fever right now! This home would satiate it. Can you tell me the source/magazine so that I can read the entire article? Thank you :)

  2. TOUT CE QUE J’AIME!!! Merciii pour cette jolie promenade, et dose inspiration du jour!
    J’espère avoir le plaisir de ta visite peut être tantôt ;-))
    Je pars le 17 juillet pour ma part… a Minorque!
    A très vite

  3. Sun withdrawal… The same here in England. This house is paradise and so is your blog. I’m a recent follower and I’m really enjoying it. Have good time whilst in France

  4. I come with you. In Germany it is only raining and cold, since days.
    I need to escape

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