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Truth be told, I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately. Spring allergies have hit pretty hard, work has been overwhelming and stressful lately – and not in a good way – and to top it off, someone hit my car while backing out of their garage yesterday on my way to dropping Ines to school. I’ve been dealing with insurance claims and other non-sense since yesterday, and work is still piling up in the meantime. I don’t deal with stress very well. My body puts itself in a shut-down mode, I want to sleep all day, I lose my hair, and my back hurts.

Dealing with stress | FrenchByDesign

But this time, I’ve decided to take another approach. Instead of hiding my stress and the crap [that usually comes in series when you least need it], I have decided to not be passive this time and not wait for my body to send me signs. After dealing with my car accident claim, I went and bought myself a whole bunch of flowers. I took some breaks, walked Daisy to the park, and also sat down to reflect on what needs to be changed and adjusted in my work schedule to make a long term positive change.

Dealing with stress | FrenchByDesign Dealing with stress | FrenchByDesign

It sounds very simple, but I am very proud of myself. At the eve of my 4.3 update, coming very very soon, I am done with letting things overcome me and postpone making decisions because they are unpleasant. Sure, a bunch of flowers will not change my life path, but concentrating on simple positive things when things are not going well is better than staying negative and passive and let little crappy things overwhelm me.

How do you deal with issues and stress in general? Do you let your body give you warnings or do you tackle problems in a more proactive way?

Thankfully, my Japan trip is approaching fast, so hopefully, I’ll be able to relax and refocus while enjoying my time in Tokyo. Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy watching and smelling my pretty flower bouquets scattered around the house, and work harder at staying zen. Xo, Si-


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  1. There doesn’t seem to be much time to allow for stress when work, children and day to day runnings of the household are involved. My body usually responds by breaking out in spots, coldsores or by feeling anxious, when I feel myself going downhill I try and sit down (during baby nap time) and read. Those precious two hours of doing something for myself help no end.
    Plus pretty flowers always help.

  2. It depends..when problems are coming slowly, one by one, I am able to deal with them pretty well in the same way you are dealing – concentrating on small and simple beautiful things..buying flowers, cake, going for a coffee with partner or friend, just lie in the grass and watching clouds..
    But when bunch of problems come in one, that’s huge and I can recognize it by bad sleep or aching back..unfortunately, I am not able to slow down and firstly take care about those life problems but I am trying to solve the other ones..and that’s a bad approach because it costs much more energy =/. But I am trying and learning, so as time goes by it is better and better =)

    I wish to all of us no stress and joyful days =)


  3. I have taken a similar approach, hence my blog name: Beauty In This Chaos. Because as hectic and stressful as life can become with kids, work, a household, etc., focusing on the little things that make it brighter makes all the difference. This is a skill I have been working to hone more and more in the last year, and something I remind my husband of, when I hear him start to get too down. It is easy to get caught up in the negative, but it is SO MUCH easier to find a reason to smile! “Smiling’s my favorite!”

    <3 Haley @

  4. This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I work in public accounting and bill somewhere between 40 and 60 hours a week and this past 4 months has been incredibly stressful. I was having a hard time fitting in work outs and also was not prioritizing them because I have a knee injury I need to take care of. but it got to the point with lack of sleep and such anxiety about work that I had no choice but to stop and figure this out. the things I found best helped was taking the time to cook healthy meals, going on walks in the middle of long work days, and also learning how to tell people no at work or finding due dates that actually work for you and your boss (sometimes they’re not as hard and strict as you think the due date is). I suppose if you’re your own boss then setting reasonable deadlines. I’m still figuring it out and trying to pick up some pieces but I know next season I’ll probably be able to do a better job of not losing my mind. I also asked if I could move home (I live in SF, all my family is in Seattle) and they are going to let me move home and work remotely and I know having a support system is going to make a world of difference. Don’t forget how important that is if you find yourself in a stressful position it might be something bigger than deadlines.

  5. How honest to share something so personal which I expect many of us feel from time to time. We live in a crazy world where somehow we feel we should be spending as much time as possible being productive and if we’re not we feel guilty. Taking care of ourselves and allowing ourselves to spend time going for a walk or reading a magazine is so important yet has become to be seen as indulgent. The irony is if we make the time to relax we will become more whole and more productive! Hope you have a wonderful peaceful day!

  6. There is a lot of stress going on in my life now, so it was very inspiring to read your blog post. I think what helps me calm down and find some balance in stressful situation is beauty. By beauty I mean the way my apartment looks, the little things on my desk I like, fresh flowers, some inspiring book. Those things distract me in a very positive way.

  7. I’ve not felt like myself for years it seems. I guess it started really when I had to leave home (Tennessee) and move to Saudi Arabia, life is just so different here and I miss my friends, family and just what’s normal to me. On top of that I broke my ankle this year, had surgery and have been down the entire year almost because of that, it’s been so depressing not being able to walk, shop or even stand in the shower.

    Flowers are always a nice idea, and they along with fresh air and sunshine make me feel better too. I also, love when my husband surprises me when a cappuccino, it’s the little things.

    1. Thank you for your very honest and authentic comment. I’ve been in places in my life where it never felt like home, so I totally relate to what you are describing. Totally agree, the little things make all the difference. Sending you a digital bouquet of fresh flowers, and wishing you a speedy recovery with your ankle, Noor! Hugs-

  8. I am left speechless with your post and all of the touching comments. My highest regards to all of you beautiful and soulful people, Ardith

  9. Love your honesty here. I’ve actually had similar sentiments lately so I decided to watch/listen to some Ted Talks hoping to find some inspiration. One said that negativity can be countered with daily, deliberate, positive actions like keeping a journal of things your thankful for and doing kind deeds for others. Sounds simple, but it’s a nice reminder and it forces you to be positive daily. It’s helped me.

    Traveling helps too :)

    Thanks for sharing this!


  10. Sorry you’ve been feeling under the weather – downloading a mindfulness app was good, as is going out on my bike or walking in the countryside – or just doing some weeding, it all helps. Hope Japan does too – and look forward to your photos.

  11. I show my stress on my face…. my skin starts breaking out and that’s when I know I’ve had enough. Funnily enough I find cleaning really helps. Maybe it’s just the thought of having control over something… but having things in order makes me feel just a little bit more at ease about tackling the really hard stuff. This will pass, just keep going!!!

    Megan ||

  12. Flowers of course, dark chocolate, a chat with a good friend, going for a walk by the seaside, a good siesta, meditation even if it is for 15 m , a good film , hipericum ( i take this to prevent anxiety and have a more stable mood) for periods of time I know i’m going to have a lot of work, my book club meeting once a month, attending dancing workshops whenever i can, Chai tea ( i buy that in organic tea bags , on the label you get an inspiring quotation) i find that great…., going out for a meal and do Nothing but enjoy every bit of what i am eating, listening to Bach, asking the people close to me to give me a big hug( this for sure gives a boost to your inmune system), NLP exercises , writing about my feelings and express gratitude for everything I have, thinking today is a good day because ……, Thank you for this post

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