What’s in your bucket list?

As I am approaching to my 40-something birthday, I am realizing that there are a whole lot of things I still haven’t done and want to do in my life. Do you write down the things you wish you could learn or dare to do?

This is my bucket list of things I want to do while I’m still able to – provided I have the time and money, http://rzocoruse.com which always helps…

What's on your bucket list? | FrenchByDesign

  • Learn to speak Italian
  • Learn how to surf – but I’m so afraid of sharks, this might never happen
  • Learn to use Photoshop like a pro
  • Learn calligraphy
  • Get a tattoo
  • Learn to play the ukulele
  • Do a half marathon
  • Travel to Japan
  • Learn the html language
  • Go back one more time to see the sunrise in the Sahara Desert

Your turn now… What’s on your bucket list?


17 thoughts on “What’s in your bucket list?

    1. Oh, I’ll go have a look at it. So let’s exchange only in Italian from now on, so we can practice together ;-)

      1. haha yeah but I didn’t get the courage yet to commit to a six months long Italian courses :( but I know some few words like “Dolce Vita carina” (sweet life cutie) XD

  1. That is a really nice list.
    I think, for just once in my life, I would like to be on a secluded deserted beach, with my family, in a hammock under a coconut tree, preferably naked (because the weather is that good), reading a book and swimming etc. with a modest hut/ house for sleeping and cooking. With a fire in the sand in the evening. Maybe even sleeping in the sand.
    Japan is great, do try to do that. Be sure to include Naoshima: http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e5475.html.
    And the fear of sharks, fight your fear with facts about sharks. Because surfing sounds like a great idea as well. I would love to kite-surf.
    Tattoo’s…. I always think “would I like that in 30+ years?” and I am never sure enough to follow through.

    Congrats and have a wonderful day.

    1. Oh, I like your bucket list! Sounds absolutely divine. And about my fear of sharks, I know that statistically, I have more chances of getting hit by a car while crossing my street, but like any phobia, it does not follow any logical reasoning. I guess I’m a “Jaws” generation poster child ;-)
      For the tattoo, my mom got her first one in her late 60s, she said she doubted she’s get bored of it given her life expectancy by then… I think I’ll do just like her – may even pierce my nose while we’re at it :-)) Cheers, Simone!

  2. This is a great list and most of it is do-able if you tackle just one a year and really commit to it. Though I think getting a tattoo might be the easiest and fastest and cheapest on the list! Maybe something really small in a spot only you would think to look (behind ear, inside of a finger, underside of your arm, etc.) :D

    As for HTML I self-taught when I was 12. What really helped was having a website idea in mind and looking for the code to accomplish it. And also, just right-clicking and Viewing Source on pages helped as well. Maybe do that on a basic page first though. Or even save that page to your computer, tinkering with the code, refreshing, and seeing what your changes did to the page!

    1. Oh, great piece of info! I will start playing with html and web pages. Thanks Brigitte!

  3. I jut love this photo, but yes a bucket list is always something I have kept in my life, it sits in my diary and its what I think about when I don’t know what to do with myself in my life and career

  4. If you’re interested in learning html, I highly recommend checking out Codecademy – they have great (and FREE!) online classes and tutorials. I’ve learned a lot of basics just sitting on my couch. http://www.codecademy.com/

    As far as my own bucket list, I’d love to build a piece of furniture completely from scratch – cut the lumber to size, drill and attach everything, stain, paint, whatever. I want to graduate from Ikea hacks to real carpentry. But I think I need to own a garage first!

    1. I will definetely check this out. Thank you so much!
      PS : I made some furniture from scratch when my daughters were young : a bookcase for one of the girls’ room, a workstation for the family craft room. Such a great feeling of accomplishment! Got a jig saw for my birthday and started creating, go do it! There are many tutorials online that give you the exact measures, and you can get most of your wood cut at your local Home Depot store. Merci again for the info about Codeacademy! Xx-

  5. First of all … I love your blog! :)

    That is a really nice list !

    My own bucket list, I’d love to learn french, study a graphic design master degree in London, learn to play guitar and travel to Peru for my next birthday. xx

  6. Great post! It is something we should all think about once in awhile. I like that you have some “easier” ones and some that are more difficult.

    I think my top thing would be to move to Europe for a few years and explore. It’s so scary but I know it would be worth it.

  7. Your lists sounds like a lot of adventure and fun. i like it!

    The evergreens on my lists are:
    – visit every continent at least once (so far I’ve only been to Europe (obviously as I live here) and Asia.
    – learn Polish (since my in-laws are of polish origin and I am sick of not understanding a word at family gatherings)
    – read several lists of recommended books
    – have children (2 at least)
    – build and furnish a house without any compromise

  8. I have had a bucket list since I was a teenager. I will admit, there are a few adjustments I’d make, but here’s a few that I plan to keep ’til I cross them off!

    -a sabbatical trip to Australia
    -publish a book
    -learn a fraction of the floral knowledge my mom has
    -frequent a coffee shop enough to the point where the barista has my order memorized (& ready when i walk in!)

    Good luck on tackling yours!! xx


  9. A couple of things which have been on my bucket list are travel to Paris, travel to Australia, sleep in Cinderella’s castle at Disneyland, swim with the dolphins and eat a meal in Club 33 at Disneyland!

  10. totally agree with you on seeing one more time the sunrise in the sahara desert, this is such an amazing experience. so sad those coutries are not safe anymore… I felt in love with Mauritania 10 years ago, went there twice, and would love to go back

    also on my bucket list : learn to speak arabic / going on a 1-week-retreat in a monastery / learn to cook the perfect “millefeuille”

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