Guess who’s cooking dinner!

Introducing Munchery | French By Design

I don’t know how your evening routine looks like, but ours has been a big chaotic lately. Between Maya, my youngest, who has maths tutoring some evenings of the week, and my oldest, Inès, who joined her high school soccer team and has practice [or games] everyday of the week until 7PM, our dinner time is pretty intense. And more times than I’d like to admit, we end up ordering pizza or stopping on our way back home from soccer practices to grab fast food. I feel awful about it because dinner time is the only meal we share as a family on week days. So when Munchery asked me to try their service, a healthy meal delivery service based in San Francisco – and opening soon in the New York area – of course, I jumped and said yes. Oh my. What a game changer!

Introducing Munchery | French By Design

Introducing Munchery | French By Design

I can order the family dinner from my iPhone or computer and get delivered in the late afternoon [you get to choose the delivery slot you prefer, starting from 5 to 6 pm all the way to 8 to 9 pm] and get a healthy, organic, additive-and-preservative-free, dinner prepared by a local chef – the menu changes every day. All you have to do is heat and eat it! Splendid, n’est-ce-pas?

Our dinner routine considerably improved while we tried Munchery. I am more relaxed, can answer the “Mom, where is my soccer jersey for tomorrow’s game”, “Can you wash this for tomorrow morning” and all the fun stuff kids ask us to do when all we want to do is relax from a stressful day.

If Munchery is available in your area, here is a $15 credit for your first order : use code FRENCHBYDESIGN and enjoy a stress free, healthy meal on us! Cheers, friends!

Introducing Munchery | French By Design

Introducing Munchery | French By Design

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5 thoughts on “Guess who’s cooking dinner!

  1. Do you eat sushi with a fork? :) It took me a second to figure out why my brain couldn’t “digest” that combination lol

    1. No, we used the fork to mix the ginger and wasabi with the soy sauce. Good one though :)

  2. Si – We lead parallel lives, except my two are boys, tonight is tutor night and the sport is basketball as late as 8PM. As such, I’ve been enjoying Munchery dinners for months now!! Such a lifesaver. My boys LOVE LOVE Chef Jeremy Goldfarb’s steak or chicken tacos.

    1. Oh, we’ll have to try these, they sound yummy too! My girls are into pasta, big time [especially the soccer girl] but there isn’t much we’ve tried and haven’t liked yet on their menus ;-)

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