New year, new me!

You may have noticed that I’ve been quiet about my new year resolutions. This year, instead of setting unrealistic goals about what changes I want to see in my life, I took a different approach. I started back in early december implementing changes with a long-term approach. And so far, I’ve been sticking to my plan and am already seeing some big results.

New Year, New Me | French By Design blog

I started dieting, but not a crazy diet. No, I dropped wine and cocktails from my diet and now allow myself to enjoy a glass only on special occasions. No more “a little glass of wine at the end of the day to relax from stress.” I also reduced my portions, nearly by half. While it was very hard the first week, my body quickly adjusted. And finally, I try to choose at every meal the healthiest option. Salad over sandwich, homemade vinaigrette over packaged dressings, etc… These look like simple steps, but they’ve made a big change in my silhouette, and I’m happy to report that so far, I’ve dropped close to 10 pounds.

New Year, New Me | French By Design blog

I started running again. I’ve always loved running. But when my work day is busy, I’m also really good at finding excuses not to put my running shoes and go out for a run at the park. I’m shooting for a 3-session-of-running routine a week, 25 minutes minimum. We’ll see if I stick to it.

New Year, New Me | French By Design blog

I also decided to take more care of myself. My morning routine has changed, and instead of quickly getting ready, I take the time to look pretty, for myself. I started using more natural and healthy makeup products – I’m currently completely hooked on Complexion Rescue tinted cream by bareMinerals. I love how fluid the texture of this gel cream is, how natural and hydrated my skin looks and the fact that it has a SPF 30 protection in it. Plus, it’s packed with humectants and electrolytes that show my skin some serious love.

New Year, New Me | French By Design blog New Year, New Me | French By Design blog frenchbydesign_new_year_new_me_perfect_foundation w New Year, New Me | French By Design blog

And finally, in 2015, I want to take time. Time to smell the roses, time to put the computer and iPhone down and enjoy more time with my girls, listen to their drama-at-school stories, and all these little things that make life so precious. Work has been busy in 2014, and while busy is good, a busy schedule also comes with stress. Stress is my worst enemy, because with stress, I eat poorly, sleep poorly, and so on.

In 2015, I want to “Be original, be natural and be good”. Buying flowers for myself, getting out of my home office, enjoying long walks with Miss Daisy, and taking time to reflect on things instead of reacting to deadlines. This is the new me, version 2015.

New Year, New Me | French By Design blog

What were your resolutions for 2015? Have you been sticking to your goals? 


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24 thoughts on “New year, new me!

  1. très inspirant!!!! Je déteste les résolutions mais je cherche à être plus dans le moment présent! Les photos sont très belles))))

    1. Moi aussi, marre de ces semaines de janvier ou tout le monde tente des résolutions qui ne durent jamais, pour avoir le moral dans les chaussettes en février parce que rien n’a marché.
      Merci pour tes mots sur ce billet et les photos de Radostina. Belle journée à toi, Clara!

  2. What a heartfull post. I am so happy with the results you already see and I have to tell, I am on this way for some months too, and with the “to take time” I am almost one year ^_^ and it is amazing feeling. It is all worth it ^_^
    Stay happy and smiley,

    1. Thanks Michael for your encouraging words. Glad to read that you stuck to your goals for some months now. Kudos to you!

  3. Sounds like good resolutions to me! And probably resolutions everybody could use. Maybe I should give them a try :) Keep up the good work!

  4. j’aime tes résolutions. parmi les miennes aussi il y a celle de prendre soin de moi et de vivre plus l’instant présent. Pour le moment j’y arrive, on verra combien de temps j’arrive à poursuivre ;-) comme toujours les photos de Radostina sont absolument magnifiques!!! bravo toutes les deux! xx

  5. Si,

    This post really got to me and change is so contagious. You’re really doing it and I applaud you. One of my new year’s resolutions came from a blog post of yours in 2014. It reached me deeply and it’s now my touchstone for fueling my photography & blog pursuits as well as personal relationships in 2015. Honest work, honest relationships, honest experiences. The quote went close to this: “I don’t want perfect. Just honest.”

    1. Oh, Yvonne, you have no idea how your words affected me. They truly brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy to read that my words resonated to you and reached you in different aspects of your life. Thank you a million times to writing this today. I may frame your comment on my home office mood board. Much love, Si-

      1. …. on your new pale pink mood board!? Hee-hee. Funny you should mention it because once again, I sheepishly confess that I finally copied your former “Hidden Falls” mood board wall. Evidently we’re all about getting on with change in 2015 to live the life we’ve imagined for ourselves. Rock on, Si!

  6. Thanks for this inspirational story. It’s so good to hear about small, ‘doable’ goals. They can really make some changes to love and enjoy life more than before.
    ps: were did you get those beautiful earrings?

    1. Hey Lisse! I got the earrings at the General Store in San Francisco. Xo-

  7. Hi, Si!
    Long time reading you, first time writing… Your post has been very inspirational to me. I’m also doing similar changes in my life: dieting, running again, taking time to enjoy simple things… Just small steps to achive a big change, not just resolutions for 2015 but for many years.
    So congrats, Si. And sorry for my english!
    Olga <3

  8. Oh, I loved this! I like that you’re approaching your goals in a reasonable way, not all-or-nothing. My biggest goal for 2015 is to step up my editing/production quality (I make videos for YouTube). I’m working on teaching myself more about the editing program I use and cinematography in general. To keep myself accountable I’m also investing in a new lens, a green screen, a $50 add on to my editing software, and a couple of props for filming. My videos have noticeably improved already and I’m seeing a big subscriber boom because of my efforts. Hurrah!

  9. J’aime bien tes résolutions, elles sont simples et saines. Prendre soin de soi pour mieux profiter du présent, prendre des pauses pour mieux apprécier le quotidien. Tout comme sur ta magnifique photographie avec Daisy. Tu cours avec elle? Ça m’a fait rire, car une de mes résolutions était de courir 5 km sans arrêt avec mon chien, j’y suis parvenue la semaine dernière. Je criais de joie! T’écrire ce commentaire, voilà une autre de mes résolutions 2015… et bonne chance!

    1. Oh, mais quel plaisir de te voir ici! Grande fan de ton blog et de ton style! Et oui, je cours avec Daisy – mais je la limite à 5k, au delà, c’est trop dangereux pour sa santé. Bravo pour ta performance, c’est génial! Bise-

  10. Lovely post, so inspiring!
    And I love how everything comes together in the last picture.

  11. Very inspiring post. I did a similar approach to life early last year and it did me good. I wish you nothing but the best here, you’ll feel so much better!

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