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Many of you contacted me about the Sprout by HP station to ask me how easy it was to use. So I used the creativity station in my new ‘Food File’ post about a very French dessert : Le Café Gourmand.

Le café gourmand is a French dessert that you order in any fancy restaurant in France. It’s a plate or tray composed of an expresso coffee and small sweet bites. I always order a café gourmand when I travel back home, but also love to make them for my guests when we have company at the house. The result is always a “hoo-haa” from the guests!

Cafe Gourmand | French By Design blog

If you are into cooking, you can prepare your own desserts [here I made a simple red fruit salad with whipped cream topping], but you can also purchase already made delicatessen [like here a macaron or a lemon square] and dispose them on your tray.

Cafe Gourmand | French By Design blog

Cafe Gourmand | French By Design blog

Cafe Gourmand | French By Design blog

And here is my recipe recap sheet for the café gourmand made with my Sprout by HP station. Easy, peasy, right? Bon appétit!

cafe gourmand sprout frenchbydesign blog

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  1. Oh my… I have to try this next time we have guests for dinner. Looks easy but very chic – love the small portion size and the tray idea. Thank you for sharing Si!

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