Dressing up the chimney

I’ve been wondering what to do with our chimney – that has been condemned from use as it is a very old one. Candles, flowers, wood logs, I pondered every option. Candles look great, but I constantly freak out about fire-hazard if they’re on and unattended, and if I use them just for the show, they quickly tend to take all the dust around. A pile of wood logs was also a good option, but bleaching every single log to avoid spider and other micro-bug eggs was not appealing to me either. Flowers maybe, then I thought, but I’m not fond of dried branches and can’t do fake flowers, and I prefer my fresh flower bouquets on the coffee table. And then it hit me… so many books, so little room… So I piled up some of my decor books inside the chimney to see the result. And voilà! I like the “disorganized” effect, since the rest of the living room is pretty sharp and uncluttered. I like the added color brought by the colorful book covers in this otherwise all white chimney and mantel area. Bref, I like it a lot. What do you think?

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All pictures by me
All pictures by me



9 thoughts on “Dressing up the chimney

  1. Ooh – inspired! and lovely and chaordic

    PS Tip has a pic of a lovely way to have candles without being scared, it’s a cool holder thing…she sent it to me from her friend’s house in London. I’ll forward it now (in case you want to play at another juncture…though this is FUN!)

  2. C’est une vraie belle idée qui me plaît beaucoup ! Et puis ta cheminée est très jolie aussi. Pour l’instant la mienne est en vacances car il fait encore chaud avec notre été indien . Mais en hiver , je ne peux pas me passer d’un bon feu c’est trop bon.

  3. the books are lovely and don’t look contrived. our fireplace is also unfunctional and so many of the ideas I have seen look forced.

  4. In summer, I put white cotton ball lights on a string in my fireplace . During the day it looks clean and simple and lit at nights looks great. Also why not try battery operated candles as the come in so many great shapes and sizes.

  5. What a great idea! Our chimney is a working one, but I would worry about the same things as you do when having one that’s out of use.

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