A white home in Norway

White over white. Everywhere. And then some wood and touches of natural textures and materials to warm up the space. The home of photographer and stylist Line Kay in Norway is so peaceful and laid back at the same time. Even if I prefer a bit more color in my own interior, this home is the perfect example of scandinavian minimalism and understated elegance. I like. Do you?

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Photography Yvonne Wilhelmsen
Source : Femina

10 thoughts on “A white home in Norway

    1. I love this! While I do like color, I find these photos very serene, with lots of natural light and very little fuss, just the right amount! It’s perfect!

  1. The wood anchors the white and provides the perfect contrast to the other natural textures. I absolutely love the bathroom! This interior needs a little Dishes with Soul!

  2. Its a beautiful home, although I agree with you that maybe a tad more colour would suit me. I do adore white though and the natural, rustic tones and off whites really warm up this space. I love the ornate mirrors, carved detailing in this kind of scheme also adds real depth and texture. The industrial chairs contrast really well with this style too.

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