Back to school week!

Hello new week! Hard to get back to a real week schedule after the part-time / laid-back week I just had. The girls are back to school, so now it’s just me and Miss Daisy, the family dog… Happy Monday to you my dear – enjoy your day off if you live in a country that celebrates Easter Monday as a holiday. Here in the US, we don’t :-( Xo, Si-



7 thoughts on “Back to school week!

  1. Yes we do have a holiday too today here in France… Nice to try to do many things I can’t find the time to do during the week.. Enjoy your week ! And I love this cute office !

    1. Hey Meg! No, unfortunately, I don’t have a link to this desk. I checked and the House to Home link did not show any shopping link either. Cheers, Si-

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