Easy DIY : Washi tape your walls!

Everybody’s crazy about washi tape, and for a good reason. These little rolls of Japanese decorative tape can be used for so many projects; but did you know you could also use washi tape to pimp up your walls? Like, say, you’re in a rental and can’t or don’t want to paint your walls… Washi tape them!
Here are some brilliant examples of washi tape use on walls… Genius, right?

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21 thoughts on “Easy DIY : Washi tape your walls!

  1. belle sélection !!! Tu avais vu le stand de masking tape à Maison & objet ? c’était incroyable tous ces modèles.. belle fin de semaine ma belle !

  2. Great idea!
    I love the yellow lines in the first picture and the tape frames in the last one. Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. Hey! No, washi tape does not damage your walls in any way, but make sure the wall paint is not too fresh – i.e less than 15 days old. Other than this, you’re good to go!

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