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I’ve been busy as a bee redesigning my home office [hence the many home office moodboards lately], and it’s still a chaotic spot in the house, so no pictures to show yet. I prefer to show you spots around “mon chez moi” that make me feel like home  –  you know that “ha!” feeling when you browse around the special corners of your house. These are my little “ha!” spots, from my moodboard to the family scrabble magnet message board [translates as “Mom, can we get more French Tagada candy? Non!”] or the wall crepe recipe we use almost every sunday… The last pic is a project my 11-year-old-daughter and I just finished: we were desperately looking for some cool black vine wall stickers, but in vain. So we decided to go crazy and draw directly on the wall with sharpie – yes, regular sharpie – pens, the idea behind this was that if we screwed up, a fresh coat of pain would take care of the problem. And voila! The result is amazing! Ines added some 3D effect butterflies – less than 10 bucks at Target and the result is pretty striking. She loves it and says it now looks like a perfect teen bathroom, not too girly, but still girly enough. She’s happy, so I’m happy!







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  1. J’adore;… j’ai le même lit picot…et la recette XXL sur le mur je craque… bon sauf les 1h45 pour faire des crepes… mois je les fais plus speed! Bonne suite et montre nous vite ton home office!!

  2. The vine with butterflies is so sweet—very effective execution, ladies! Love all of your “ha!” spots in your house, too! xSparky

  3. We’ve also been thinking about drawing directly on the walls at home (one wall to be correct!). Glad to see that your project turned out to be a success! It gives us the last courage needed to complete our plans. We’ll go bananaz with the pens this weekend! ;) Thx for a fun, inspiring and gorgeous blog. XoX

  4. C’est beau!!! La recette, c’est un sticker? Ca se trouve ou? Et les lettres aimantées c’est fait maison?

  5. Thanks ladies for your sweet comments about my chez moi!

    @Lau, t’as raison, moi aussi je ne laisse pas reposer ma pate 1 heure [key word, une goutte de biere pour la levure;-)]
    @Miluccia, quand tu veux le kaouah chez moi, tu le sais bien!
    @Anonyme, oui, les lettres scrabble vintage trouvees en brocante, aimants colles pas les filles! Et le sticker, c’est chez IDZIF.COM

  6. All of them are amazing. Your home is beautiful. I love the vines – you and your daughter are so brave!

  7. oh my! the eagle has landed…a local hand roll bus route vinyl re-purposed chez FrenchByDesign (one of my blog crushes). Makes me wanna ride the crest of a double decker Delaine all through the Lincolnshire wilds.

  8. Bon, c’est simple j’aime tout !!! les idées, les couleurs, les belles pièces design, les mélanges de styles, la recette xxl, tout !!!! bravo ! mais je ne suis pas surprise que tu ais autant de goût !!!! à l’image de ton blog ! et on peut avoir des fraises tagada ??????????? des biz

  9. thanks for the reminder Si, about just trying something out (like with the sharpie) …it doesn’t need to be “perfect” and can look amazing just as is!
    Also loved the crepe recipe on the wall!!
    hope you’ve having a great weekend and thanks for the inspiration

  10. Love that last pic. I’ve been wanting to do something similar, but I’m scared of messing up. Maybe one day I’ll overcome my fears and do it!

  11. @feesha, remember, as long as you have the original wall paint, all it takes is a fresh coat/patch of paint to hide any mess or mishap. ALWAYS pre test the wall paint can if it is old to make sure it is correctly labeled and still usable. Once you’re sure, go for it, and be your own Frida Kalho, and above all, have fun! Remember, this is your space!

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