My visit chez Ravel

Poterie Ravel is a 170-year-old company located in the provencal village of Aubagne. Ravel is known for their beautiful and high quality terracotta plant pots and homeware collection. The company has also just launched a line of textile homeware, from kitchen towels to tablecloths, beach towels or fabric by the yard [and I must admit I was not able to resist their linen grey tablecloth – pictures to come, c’est promis]. Ravel is just an amazing experience: from the moment you enter their facility, you feel transported into the “art de vivre à la Française”, the urge to plant flowers in pots arises, you want to touch the lavender bushes to get the smell of Provence, dress a nice table and cook a healthy homemade meal. Their staff is courteous, passionate and highly knowledgeable about the Provence traditions and eager to share with the visitor. Such a treat!

{Photos by me with the kind permission of Poterie Ravel}


7 thoughts on “My visit chez Ravel

  1. Beautiful! I picked up a beautiful vase in deep green at a yard sale last year for $3. I love it and went online to see if I could get another one because I loved it so much…WOW they are pricey! My great yard sale deal will have to do, but these pix are making me want another!!

  2. Lovely pictures! It’s been a while since my last visit to France, and now I can’t wait until next time. Lived there in the 90’s and have always had a soft spot for the country since then.

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