At home with Jacqueline Morabito

Sometimes, while browsing a magazine or a blog, you find an interior that just takes your breath away. You find yourself transported into a new dimension and it takes a while to get back and recover… This interior just did it for me.
Home of famous interior design diva Jacqueline Morabito, this interior is just very, très, mucho, sehr, multo… I can’t even find the right superlative here, tellement c’est too much… So I’ll just shut up and let you enjoy the ride. Bon voyage! (lucky you, the house is near Nice, French Riviera!)

{photos Jean-Michel Voge}


5 thoughts on “At home with Jacqueline Morabito

  1. I first viewed this wonderful home in a mag many years ago – it was very sparce then yet just blew me away. The ‘feeling’ I got from it then has continued to be a point of reference. Today it is truly just as beautiful.

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