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Minimalism, a documentary about the important things


Minimalism Movie | FrenchByDesign

During the holiday break, I watched the Minimalism documentary recently released on Netflix. I highly, highly, recommend you watch it. “It’s clear that the true problems of our Nation are much deeper – deeper than gasoline lines or energy shortages, deeper even than inflation or recession…In a nation that was proud of hard work, strong…

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My 8 favorite Netflix picks


Favorite Netflix Picks Fall 2016 | French By Design

Remember when I promised a few weeks ago that I would share my favorite Netflix picks? I haven’t forgotten, so here they are. Some of these are not that new, but new to me, or newly available on Netflix. I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries on Netflix these past few weeks, along with movies,…

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How I switched it up!


Switch it Up, brought to you by Ford, is a fun new show on YouTube that documents experts trying something they haven’t done in a long time or never done before. This week’s episode, featuring fitness expert Cassey Ho making her photography debut, inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and borrow my daughters’ pair…

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Happy New Year, from us… to you!


Hey friends! I’m taking a break – from my holiday break – to wish you a happy new year and a wonderful beginning to 2015. Here is a short clip of my favorite people celebrating the new year in beautiful San Francisco, California, the place we now call home. Bonne année to you all! Lots of love,…

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