Trending : Vinyl tile rugs


Trending | Vinyl Tile Rugs and Mats - FrenchByDesign

While in Paris, I noticed a lot of stores carrying faux-tile rugs, and these mats were literally flying off the shelves. Made out of vinyl, these colorful rugs and mats look like tiles, are washable and instantly add a pop of fun and a vintage charm without any long-term commitment. I’m sold. One of the…

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No green thumb


No Green Thumb Interiors | FrenchByDesign

We can all agree that 2017 is the year of green : from greenery, kale, to plants in interiors, there is plenty of chlorophylle in the air. But many of us are not great with plants and did not inherit the green thumb gene. I compiled a series of ideas and interiors that surf on…

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Color to watch : Pantone’s Kale


Kale Color of the Year 2017 | FrenchByDesign

Everyone is posting about Greenery as the color for 2017, but its pal, Pantone’s Kale, another color projected to be hot in Spring 2017, suffers from a shortage of mentions. It’s a shame, because between the 2 shades, Kale easily wins my vote. Softer and more ‘earthy’ than the limey Greenery everyone is raving about, Kale…

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Color of the year 2017 : Pantone Greenery in action


Color of the year 2017 : Pantone Greenery | FrenchByDesign

As I mentioned last week, Pantone recently announced their 2017 color of the year : Greenery. As I also mentioned, I’m not a huge fan of this shade. Greenery is a mix between lime and apple green, “a zesty yellow-green shade that is supposed to evoke the first days of Spring” [Pantone]. Greenery is not…

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