Our family trip to Venice Beach


Our Family trip to Venice Beach, California | French By Design

We traveled a few days to Southern California this past week to visit some college campuses for Inès, my oldest one. She’s now a junior in high school and is starting to look at universities to apply to, starting next year. We flew to Los Angeles and rented an Airbnb in Venice Beach. The apartment we…

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Bits and pieces : vacation 2016


French By Design

Oh hey, I’m back from my summer escape! We had a fabulous time visiting my sister, brother-in-law and niece, 11-month-old baby Kira, in Washington, DC, then headed out to Florida where we spent a few days in Fort Lauderdale and then the Florida Keys. Here are a few pics from our family trip. We stayed…

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Off to wanderlust


Hey guys, how is your week going? I’m off to enjoy some summer time away with my loved ones, and to create more summer memories – we’re headed to the East Coast to visit family and spend some time under the Florida sun… see ya’ San Francisco fog! I’ll be updating my Instagram feed from time…

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Bits and Pieces : Strolling in Chinatown


French By Design

Inès and I spent some much deserved mother and daughter time a few days ago; after a couple of ‘shopping’ stops on a very crowded Market street, we headed down to Chinatown. Oh, how I love the colors there, the signages and graphics, the eye-catching lanterns, and the vibe of this neighborhood! I took a…

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