Ode to Morocco


Ode to Morocco | French By Design

Hey, guys, hope you had a nice long weekend. I am away on the East Coast for a project, but I wanted to share with you this beautiful video about my beloved Morocco. Going back there for a few days last month made me realize how much I’ve missed this country, and we’re actually planning…

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Bits and pieces of Morocco


Bits and Pieces of Morocco - The Oudayas | FrenchByDesign

While I was in Morocco for just a few days as part of the book second trip, I snapped a few pictures of the old city in Rabat, called the Oudayas. I love this area of town with its old streets and half painted blue walls. If you travel to Morocco and get a chance…

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Heading to Paris


Heading to Paris | FrenchByDesign

Oh hey, friends. I’m on my way to Paris and a few other destinations, such as Morocco, for the second round of my photoshoot trips for the book project. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to blog much while overseas: with the rumors of an imminent laptop ban on US-bound flights from Europe as I write…

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Postcards from Lille, France


Postcards from Lille | FrenchByDesign

I’ve finally edited some pics of my French trip, and wanted to share with you snaps of Lille, a city in the north of France. I had never been to Lille, and was enchanted to discover this beautiful city. I stayed in a hotel by the vieux-Lille, and after my photoshoot, wandered around in the…

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