Turquoise Interiors


Turquoise Interiors | French By Design

I love this hue that I’ve been spotting more and more lately. It’s the perfect color to brighten up a space, don’t you think? Do you call this color… turquoise? In French, we call it “bleu canard”, or “duck blue”. Whatever its name, I really like this shade of blue. Here is our “duck blue”…

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If these walls could speak


If these walls could speak | French By Design

If old walls could speak, what would they say? I’m always fascinated by interiors that keep decayed walls [or ceilings] as decor statements. In French, we have an expression that says “les murs ont des oreilles”, translated literally as “walls have ears.” Is there a similar say in English? I wonder. If these walls could speak,…

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Weekend links


Weekend Sick in Bed | French BY Design

What a week! I’m so ready to hide in bed for a full 48 hours. I’m sick again, thanks to Maya who brought back another nasty winter bug from school. Yikes. So before I log off, here are my favorite links this week – and the mood is jovial, because frankly, we all need a…

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50 shades darker


Fifty Shades Darker | French By Design

With the winter temperatures – and yes, we’ve been cold even in California standards – I’m attracted to dark grey and moody interiors. These ones are saved in my favorite folder. Add a cup of cocoa, or if you speak my language, a glass of vino. Wink.  

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