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15+ headboard ideas


15+ Favorite Headboards | French By Design

We don’t have a headboard in our bedroom, because the bed is currently positioned in front of 2 large windows. I’m currently thinking of moving the bed on another wall, and checking original headboard ideas. These are my current favorites.   Which one is your favorite?   Image Sources : 1 | 2 | 3…

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Do good, be good, see good.


My top 3s this week. What are yours? | French By Design

Hooray, it’s the weekend! I must confess that this week has been very hard for me; with everything going on in the news, it’s hard to stay positive and hopeful these days. I mean, if this was a Bravo TV show, it would be funny and entertaining; but it’s not, right? I also finished writing…

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Beep, beep… Un café s’il vous plait!


Renault 4L Library Café "Portrait de Villes" | FrenchByDesign

I fell hard for this concept: a Be-Pôles Editions and Cafés Richard collaboration using the iconic French Renault 4L as an itinerant café and library on wheels. I mean, look at this beauty! “Portraits de Villes” surfs on the food truck trend, with a French twist, using an iconic French car painted in this amazing shade…

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Visit | The Playhouse


The Playhouse | FrenchByDesign

Sara and Luca, both architects, turned a former car repair workshop in Bologna, Italy, into a dreamy family home. The idea? Design a space to grow and play for their 2 daughters. The result is a happy nest, furnished with laid-back and rescued elements, where kids can freely play indoors and out. An antique table…

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