Weekend links


Weekend Links | French By Design

Any fun plans for the weekend? Mister is back from a long business trip, so we’re planning on laying low, wander around the city with Miss Daisy, and maybe brunch on Sunday. You? Here are my favorite web links this week. Wishing you a beautiful and relaxing weekend. Xo, Si- The sophisticated details and great…

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15+ headboard ideas


15+ Favorite Headboards | French By Design

We don’t have a headboard in our bedroom, because the bed is currently positioned in front of 2 large windows. I’m currently thinking of moving the bed on another wall, and checking original headboard ideas. These are my current favorites.   Which one is your favorite?   Image Sources : 1 | 2 | 3…

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Do good, be good, see good.


My top 3s this week. What are yours? | French By Design

Hooray, it’s the weekend! I must confess that this week has been very hard for me; with everything going on in the news, it’s hard to stay positive and hopeful these days. I mean, if this was a Bravo TV show, it would be funny and entertaining; but it’s not, right? I also finished writing…

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Beep, beep… Un café s’il vous plait!


Renault 4L Library Café "Portrait de Villes" | FrenchByDesign

I fell hard for this concept: a Be-Pôles Editions and Cafés Richard collaboration using the iconic French Renault 4L as an itinerant café and library on wheels. I mean, look at this beauty! “Portraits de Villes” surfs on the food truck trend, with a French twist, using an iconic French car painted in this amazing shade…

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