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Best Valentine’s day recipes


Valentine Recipes | FrenchByDesign

Valentine’s day is fast approaching, so I thought of gathering the cutest food recipes I could find out there. Whether you plan on a breakfast or a signature cocktail, here are a few recipes to make this day special for your loved one[s]. From top left, clockwise : Chocolate cut-out cookies – Chocolate covered pretzels –…

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Recipe | Roasted Mediterranean Cauliflower


Roasted Mediterranean Cauliflower Recipe | French By Design

This year, I am not making any resolution, except a simple one : eat healthy and real food. It may sound super simple, but I realized while cooking for pleasure for the family during the holiday break that 1/ we’ve been eating way too much outside on via meal delivery services, 2/ I eat too much…

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Champagne + Cotton Candy Holiday Cocktail


Cotton Candy & Champagne Holiday Cocktail | FrenchByDesign

Happy Friday guys! To celebrate the month of December, I wanted to share with you this delicious recipe, so decadent and so easy to make. I found originally the idea on Pinterest and it uses three ingredients : Champagne [because… December and holiday] or sparkling wine if you prefer, Saint Germain liqueur, and…. cotton candy!…

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Favorite pomegranate recipes


Favorite Pomegranate Recipes | French By Design

Pomegranate season is in full swing right now and I compiled my favorite pomegranate recipes found across the web for you. Clockwise, from left {click on recipe name to access the detailed recipe} : Orange pomegranate smoothie – Pomegranate breakfast parfait – Maple roasted carrots with tahini sauce and pomegranates and pistachios – Loaded hummus Clockwise,…

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