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Fashion and Beauty

Balzac Paris


French By Design x Balzac Paris

I’ve been fond of Balzac Paris, a young French fashion brand, since its beginning. Balzac to me is the epitomy of French chic, with nice textures and cuts, timeless styles and comfort in mind. Here are my favorite Balzac pieces this summer. Clockwise : Léopoldine Blouse – Line Cognac Suede Goat leather Sandals – Violaine Mustard…

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Packing for Paradise


Packing for paradise | FrenchByDesign

I’m packing my bags for a dreamy destination. I’m really looking forward to some sun, colorful cocktails and getting away for a few days from the gloomy and wet weather we’ve been experiencing here. Be sure to follow along my journey via my social media handles as I’ll be sharing pics and Instagram stories during my…

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Forever young


Aging gracefully | French By Design

Ah, aging. We all go through it and, whether we like it or not, our skin shows it. I, for one, know that I won’t be a good candidate for cosmetic surgery : if my c-section keloid scar is any indication of my skin scarring ability, thanks but no thanks, I’ll pass. But I also deeply believe that…

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Fashion | Holiday outfits


Holiday Fashion 2016 | FrenchByDesign

The holidays are upon us now, and their many end of year events and parties. Here are a few holidays outfit ideas to celebrate the holiday season in style. Bling bling or black chic, that is the question. From the classic tuxedo and the little black dress with a twist… … To the bling bling, but still…

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