Fashion and Beauty

Forever young


Aging gracefully | French By Design

Ah, aging. We all go through it and, whether we like it or not, our skin shows it. I, for one, know that I won’t be a good candidate for cosmetic surgery : if my c-section keloid scar is any indication of my skin scarring ability, thanks but no thanks, I’ll pass. But I also deeply believe that…

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Fashion | Holiday outfits


Holiday Fashion 2016 | FrenchByDesign

The holidays are upon us now, and their many end of year events and parties. Here are a few holidays outfit ideas to celebrate the holiday season in style. Bling bling or black chic, that is the question. From the classic tuxedo and the little black dress with a twist… … To the bling bling, but still…

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Pretty Pleats


Trending | Pleated Skirts via French By Design

This season, I’m falling for pleated skirts. I love the fluid silhouette they give, and I like them worn with sneakers, rather than heels. It gives the look a certain badass effect. Here are pleated skirts in action.   Title image by Maje   SHOP THE LOOK

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A balanced life


French By Design x Amazfit

My sister texted me last week that we were less than 60 days away from Christmas. Oh, how has this happened, really? And if we are 60 days from Christmas, this means we are also only a couple of months away from new year time and its yearly resolutions. I’ve already shared on this blog how…

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