Life and Family

On social media and oversharing


French By Design

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about social media, and how much we all share online these days. Lately, I’ve been feeling the urge to step out of the social media game and enjoy life for what is truly is : precious moments that don’t necessarily need to be documented and shared online. For the longest time,…

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Family time


Family Visit in San Francisco | French By Design

I’m a bit quiet this week, but it’s only because we have family visiting : my sister, brother in law and miss little Kira are in town for a few days. Here are a few pics I managed to snap while out and about in the city. Oh, miss Kira, you’re cute even when you’re mad……

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2017, behind the scenes


Behind the scenes, 2017 | FrenchByDesign

And so, in other news, it turns out that 2017 is a fast and furious one. So many highs and lows all at once, I don’t even know if I should pop some champagne or drink myself to sleep. Just when I thought 2016 was a crazy year, it looks like the universe is laughing…

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Weekend links


Weekend Sick in Bed | French BY Design

What a week! I’m so ready to hide in bed for a full 48 hours. I’m sick again, thanks to Maya who brought back another nasty winter bug from school. Yikes. So before I log off, here are my favorite links this week – and the mood is jovial, because frankly, we all need a…

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