Life and Family

Family time


Family Visit in San Francisco | French By Design

I’m a bit quiet this week, but it’s only because we have family visiting : my sister, brother in law and miss little Kira are in town for a few days. Here are a few pics I managed to snap while out and about in the city. Oh, miss Kira, you’re cute even when you’re mad……

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2017, behind the scenes


Behind the scenes, 2017 | FrenchByDesign

And so, in other news, it turns out that 2017 is a fast and furious one. So many highs and lows all at once, I don’t even know if I should pop some champagne or drink myself to sleep. Just when I thought 2016 was a crazy year, it looks like the universe is laughing…

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Weekend links


Weekend Sick in Bed | French BY Design

What a week! I’m so ready to hide in bed for a full 48 hours. I’m sick again, thanks to Maya who brought back another nasty winter bug from school. Yikes. So before I log off, here are my favorite links this week – and the mood is jovial, because frankly, we all need a…

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Recipe | Roasted Mediterranean Cauliflower


Roasted Mediterranean Cauliflower Recipe | French By Design

This year, I am not making any resolution, except a simple one : eat healthy and real food. It may sound super simple, but I realized while cooking for pleasure for the family during the holiday break that 1/ we’ve been eating way too much outside on via meal delivery services, 2/ I eat too much…

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