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Best of : Real Christmas trees


As you know, we do a round up of alternative Christmas trees on the blog every year. These rounds ups are meant to show and share creative ways to add some Christmas touches for those who don’t have the space for a real tree, or just prefer not to have a traditional tree. But for the real-tree lovers out there, I figured it would be nice to also round up the best real Christmas tree decors. As I’ve said before, the holiday season is all about feeling warm and fuzzy, so if a real tree is what makes us and our loved ones happy and feeling festive, that’s what really matters. Amirite?

So I thought of creating a new [yearly maybe? What do you think?] series celebrating the magic of a Christmas decor with a real Christmas tree for all the real-deal lovers out there. Here is a round up of my favorite real Christmas trees, 2017 edition! Xo, Si-

And then, there is what the internet calls the ugly Christmas tree – no really, I’m very serious, go ahead, google it, it comes up in the top 10 images! Look at its poise, all different from all the others and standing strong and proud!

And here is another one! This adorable little ‘ugly’ tree wins my vote! What do you think, yay, or nay?


Title image via Rising Objects



  • Velvet

    I really like the one with the white and gold decor! It glams it up without being loud! Lovely… ;)

  • Of Ashes & Bones

    I prefer real tree than a fake one! There’s nothing like lying under the tree in the morning and smell the scent. I find it very calming.

    I love this inspiration ideas!

    • French By Design

      I agree, nothing compares to the smell of a real tree – I got a balsam and cedar candle recently, and it makes me want to go for the real deal too!

  • Clara B

    WOnderful idea!! I love the ugly one… the smell of real three. Since i live in Quebe, it’s easy to find and preserve a real tree inside and out;))Yesterday we went to pick our own tree in the forest school of the Faculty of Forestry at Laval University. We walked on snowshoes and it was absolutely magical… to do it again! Our tree is what we call a wild one ( sauvageon), because it is scarcely supplied but smells so much. In addition, we contribute by picking our own tree to the boreal forest research project!! Cheers from the North Pole!

    • Clara B

      Hello back, i just wonder why the data of the last person to write a comment appear when you reset de blogpost? very best,

      • French By Design

        Hello @Clara, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I can not seem to replicate the issue on my end, but I will definitely have this checked by the web team. Thank you!

  • Simone

    Wonderful ideas out of the ordinary…

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