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Brown sofas


I’ve been compiling brown sofa inspiration pictures for a project, and thought it’d be fun to share them here with you. Which one calls your name?



  • Ramona

    Sorry not a fan. We had a brown sofa in the 80’s and don’t think we’ll ever repeat that again.
    But this is just my personal opinion. I do love many other posts you’ve shown, just not favorable to this one.

  • Annet

    I always choose black but de 1 one i like very much!

  • Chiara

    Oh my, the Togo sofa in this tan color is delicious!

  • Ruth

    I celebrate the brown sofa when it’s the right one! Finally got one and snuggle in every evening. (west elm’s Alex). For me, a bench cushion is key to keeping the “brown” from becoming too, well, fugly.