4 thoughts on “Flamingo fever

  1. Yes, I’ve seen flamingos all over the place, especially on clothes.
    Long ago, plastic flamingos on the front lawn were a hallmark of retirees. A friend used to joke about them all the time. So one night, I corrupted my little brother to help me steal some flamingos and plant them in the friend’s lawn. That wasn’t all–the friend had his laugh, so the next night, we stealthily returned them to their rightful owner’s yard.
    There are some lakes in Kenya that are so covered with flamingos that they look completely pink from a distance. Once I camped on the shore of one of the lakes, Elmenteita. The birds never stopped making noise. So did the monkeys in the trees. Very exciting.

    1. Woah, this sounds like an amazing spot – so jealous of your Kenyan adventures! And I love your story about ‘borrowing’ the flamingos, @Taste of France! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. I have no commercial interest here, but the big cardlike posters (like in the one from are made by a company in Holland called IXXI it’s a very interesting concept and as well as having some beautiful pictures already you can also send in your own pictures.

  3. I have noticed the Flamingo trend in interior decor as well. What a fun way to add whimsy and color. Really emphasizes a relaxed and casual style. Thanks for sharing!

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