Slow summer

I’m here guys, I’m still alive, just a little behind on work projects and trying to enjoy summer with my people. This will be Inès’s last summer with us before she leaves for college, and I don’t want to look back and realize I missed special and important moments with my loved ones. It’s so easy to get caught into the social media buzz, feeling like you need to post anything picture worthy on the blog just for the sake of online presence, just because you’re supposed to. And lately, I’ve been feeling un-inspired by blog posts I see on my Bloglovin’ feed or Pinterest timeline. So I don’t want to post just to ‘post’. Does this make sense?

Slow Summer | FrenchByDesign

The book project has been taking a lot of my time and creative energy. They say that everything amazing happens outside of your comfort zone. When I decided to shoot all pictures of my upcoming book myself, I embarked into an amazing adventure, full of world travels and amazing human encounters. I can’t yet share sneaks of the book pics, but this will come soon. So when I am not traveling or writing book chapters, I want to pause, stop, enjoy my girls, Miss Daisy and Mister FrenchByDesign and cook and decorate without having to share everything with the world wide web. I think I am going through a phase, a creative phase where I need to find my balance, and I’m using these summer months to find such balance.

Slow Summer | French By Design

I will be posting pictures of our home soon –  I’ll be teaming up again with Behr on a home decor color update, so stay tuned for this.

I am here, and I miss this space, but I also want to keep this space sacred and special, only sharing meaningful content, so the posting may be a bit off-schedule in the coming weeks, as my creative juice and mojo come back to me. Xo dear friends, Si-


Top picture FrenchByDesign – tablecloth from Bonjour 



9 thoughts on “Slow summer

  1. Oh, I love this so much! Thank you for staying true to yourself, cherish those moments with your girl and enjoy your slow summer. Much love, L-

  2. I wish you well and thank you for all you share with us and for inspiring us with your vision.

  3. Je te souhaite un très bel été!!! En effet les enfants nous rappellent le temps qui passent… mes deux plus vieux ont quitté la maison… j’ai senti un grand, grand vide… triste et heureuse à la fois … mais à voir leur bonheur et l’énergie qu’ils dégagent, je m’y connecte pour accepter cette étape. C’est une si beau moment dans la vie!!! Bonne continuation dans la création du livre)))

    1. Oh, la la, oui, c’est effrayant mais tellement magique de sentir qu’ils sont presque prêts à l’envol. Je pense que ca va être plus dur pour moi que pour elle! Et puis ,ma deuxième l’année qui suit…
      Je te souhaite un magnifique été à toi aussi, @Clara!

  4. Enjoy your summer, life, time with Ines, Si. It’s all too special to let zoom by. Cheers, Ardith

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