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Juju Love


I recently shot a home with a gorgeous collection of juju hats on the walls, and since then, I’ve been thinking about adding one in my own decor. It’s now ordered and on its way to our home, and I’ll share a pic very soon, along with the overdue new house tour of our space. Meanwhile, here are some inspiring interiors celebrating the juju trend. What do you think? Yay or nay?



  • Kay Nguyen

    So pretty! Love your blog <3

  • wallzilla

    They have some amazing styling here!

  • Ardith

    Bonjour, Si. Are you back from Paris? If so, was it fabulous? Best wishes, Ardith

    • French By Design

      I am – before another upcoming trip:-0 Fun and fabulous trip, but I’m exhausted, and the jet lag is killing me. I’ll share a few pics of my trip to Morocco soon, sweet Ardith!

      • Ardith

        I hope you get the rest the you need, as I know how much jet lag can kick one’s arse. Cheers, Ardith

        P.S. Absolutely looking forward to photos of Morocco. I personally have not been there, but I love Moroccan food. I’ve make chicken pastilla at least a couple of times, among other wonderful, aromatic recipes.

  • Jenny

    This is so pretty. I think i will add one in my decor too.