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Color Inspiration : Oval Room Blue


As I’m done unpacking all boxes in our new home, I’m starting to finally get to the fun part : decorating. Our wallpaper will be installed this week – more on that soon – and I’m looking for color inspiration to add on some walls of our home. Enters Oval Room Blue, a soft blue gray hue that goes very well with whites and adds a hint of vintage vibe, and that I’ve been liking for quite a while. What do you think? Do you like this shade?



  • Kay Nguyen

    Such a beautiful home! This is how my dream home looks like <3

  • Emma T

    Just the colour im longin for every summer <3

  • Clara B

    Such a beautiful calm color… i think what i like most, it’s the touch of red or black and the wood in the decor. I think that give the kick or give some mouvement in the decor.

    Happy for you for the unpacking… you must be exhausted with the moving, the unpacking, the traveling, the end of school!!! Hope you find a little time for you;)))

    Looking to discover you new decor!

    Bonne journée!!!!

  • Birgit Sfat

    Hi Si, I used oval room blue once as a backdrop color for my look shooting. I still have one gallon here, in matt finish. You can have it if you want to try. xx, B