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It is in Sunset Park, an area currently occupied by warehouses, factories, and docks that Dutch stylist Carin Scheve and architect and set designer husband Franceso Caramella elected residency. The 800 square-meter industrial loft is a multi-disciplinary space where the couple lives with son Milo, but also organizes events and shoots fashion, interior design and design editorials.

A Brooklyn loft | French By Design

Carin confesses that she fell in love with the area – Williamsburg has considerably gentrified, and the Sunset park is soon becoming an object of desire for architects, designers and artists : We were looking for a large space that was affordable, and we fell in love with the industrial features, and the area. We also had the feeling that the neighborhood would soon become interesting, ” Carin says.“The real key to choosing this particular space was the views of the Statue of Liberty the terrace offers.”

A Brooklyn loft | French By Design A Brooklyn loft | French By Design A Brooklyn loft | French By Design A Brooklyn loft | French By Design

Carin and Franceso decided to embrace the industrial heritage of the building by keeping its original elements: impressive steel windows, solid cement columns and floors, large factory radiators, plumbing pipes painted red… The perfect backdrop for Carin to unleash her creativity. Then, rescued furniture, DIY designs, designer pieces, and thrifted finds from markets and from the couple’s multiple trips fill up the space and give it an authentic and homey feel.


Photography credits : Mark Seelen for Elle España



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