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No green thumb


We can all agree that 2017 is the year of green : from greenery, kale, to plants in interiors, there is plenty of chlorophylle in the air. But many of us are not great with plants and did not inherit the green thumb gene. I compiled a series of ideas and interiors that surf on the green-thumb trend, without using one single real living plant : no watering, no problem.

No Green Thumb Interiors | FrenchByDesign

No Green Thumb Interiors | FrenchByDesign

Sources [clockwise]: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


Do you manage to keep your plants alive inside your home? If so, what are your tricks and tips?



  • Simone

    “Do you manage to keep your plants alive inside your home? If so, what are your tricks and tips?”
    My tip is water.
    Love the wallpaper with the big cowparsley.

  • Lydia

    I killed a few indoor plants. Then, I set up an alert on my phone once a week to remind me to take care of them and water them. It’s become a habit now and my plants are all thriving. I also feed them once a month with the proper nutrients. Love this post though! L-

    • French By Design

      Great tip! I have an olive tree in my living room that I tend to forget about. I’ll set up an alert for it. Thank you @Lydia!

  • Gab

    My good friend has a little device that she puts in her planted pots that works with an phone app. It alerts her when the plant needs to be watered or nutrients to be added. A real plant saver. I can’t remember the name of it but I’ll ask her. Meanwhile, I love these options as well. Plants without the hassle, brilliant! Have a lovely weekend, Si, and good luck with the packing.

    • French By Design

      Whaaaat? That sounds amazing! Gonna search for it asap. Thank you for the fantastic tip @Gab! Have a lovely weekend as well! Xx, Si-

  • Emma T

    After dinner, as a routine, i always take the water that is left in the can to our flowers. I need a routine to remember…

    • French By Design

      I think this is the secret : establish a routine. Love the simplicity and eco-friendly approach of yours @Emma! Thank you for sharing your plant saving tips with us! Xx-

  • Ardith

    Happy Monday, Si. These are all wonderful, stylish alternatives to the real thing. Once upon a time I did have a green thumb, then it mysteriously vanished. Cheers, Ardith

    • French By Design

      Haha, sounds familiar, @Ardith! I used to have time [and memory] for a lot more things. Now, if I only could get 12 more hours every day to take the time to enjoy my hobbies, and water my plants! :-)

  • Emily

    Where-o-where can one get the lovely dark green bedspread/comforter and matching pillow in your December 9, 2016 post!?! So beautiful!