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No strings attached


Here is a simple idea that I keep seeing trending everywhere, and is super easy to copy cat: art and frames on the floor.

Instead of spending hours trying to find the perfect spot for your framed art, mirrors, or vintage frames, why not just display them on the floor laying against a wall. I love the “anticonformiste” approach, the nonchalent vibe these give. And you can move them around, rotate their disposition at wish, no strings attached!



  • Simone

    Wow. all these pictures are so beautiful!
    Thank you

  • Suzanne

    Beautiful print collections and great examples of how display them! I now have a few ideas of how I can display my art collection.

  • Teddee Grace

    What a relief to know I’m in style! I’ve been forced to do this ever since I moved into a one-bedroom apartment and completely filled my walls. I’ve just been considering it temporary storage, but now I can really flaunt it!