Hello 2017!

Hello there, and happy new year! We’re back from our holiday break, spent in family, away from the digital world. In between, we cooked, binge-watched Netflix and Amazon prime movies and documentaries, all got sick with a winter bug, one after the other. I also managed to keep up with my goal of relaunching my running routine with a 3 times a week outdoor run, and darn does it feel good! My back pain is gone, my weak knee is surprisingly collaborating [but I’m taking it super easy to avoid injury], my mind is clearer and Miss Daisy is happy – I’m still taking her with me until I reach the 5k level, past that, she’ll have to stay home because I don’t want to take risks with her health.

Hello 2017 | French By Design

How was your break? It’s so good to be back here, and I have lots of ideas for this blog this year and well as some exciting projects in the works that I can’t share here yet. Happy new year guys! Xo, Si-


Wall color is Behr Marquee Alpine Trail – Linen bedding is from The Foxes Den


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5 thoughts on “Hello 2017!

  1. I also took up running to get in some cardio along with Pilates (which is fabulous for toning muscles, but it doesn’t get you out of breath). And you are so right that running outside is transformative. I’m lucky to have a beautiful path without cars. Gets me back to nature for a while.

    1. Woah, that sounds like a great fitness routine, @Taste of France! I’m also thinking of adding something to my running routine : hot yoga, or possibly pilates, which I’ve never really tried. General gym memberships don’t seem to work for me in the long run, so we’ll see.

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