Gift Guide : for your dog

After my gift guide for the men in your life, I thought it would be nice to spice things up and prepare a canine gift guide! I mean, for many of us, pets are part of the family. In our case, Miss Daisy will get a few treats and a toy under the tree – she loves paper wraps and gets so exciting when it’s time to open the Christmas presents! So here is my gift guide for the dog in your life, Daisy approved.

Gift guide : For your dog!

  1. Dog Perignon pet toy [I couldn’t stop laughing at the name. In the same series, I also found the ‘Chewy Vuiton‘ one! :-)]
  2. Fat Boy dog bed
  3. Jerky treat sampler for the K9 gourmet
  4. Treat chaser
  5. 26 feet retractable leash – Daisy loves hers and would go further if she could!
  6. Fetch ball K9 canon
  7. Hands-free dog leash for the runner companion
  8. Mutt Mallows Strawberry and Chompagne treats
  9. Burt’s Bees paw and nose lotion – I use it to massage Daisy’s paws after a long walk, and apply some on her nose when it’s too dry; she loves the spa experience and attention.

Gift guide : For your dog!

For gift ideas for ‘her’ – or yourself – visit the SHOP section of the blog where I gathered my wish listed items.


Do you have present for your pet companion under the tree as well?



4 thoughts on “Gift Guide : for your dog

  1. Ahhh, I love this post so much! I’ve already bought the doggies some gifts: they’ll each get a new leash and collar from The Bay! I always love treating the dogs.

    1. Oh, how sweet! I can tell your four-legged friends enjoy the same status as Miss Daisy in our home. Happy holidays to you and your loved ones, @Natalie! ♡

  2. The “Dog Perignon’ and “Chewy Vuiton” finds are hilarious! What a unique idea – first time I see a gift guide for our four-legged buddies. Thank you, and merry Christmas to your lovely Daisy!

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