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13 dreamy piano rooms


“If you hear the music, dance!”

I love rooms that feature musical instruments, and more particularly, pianos. My childhood dream was to learn to play the piano, but sadly, the lessons were above our family budget. Ever since then, I’ve always been attracted to pianos in interiors –  and learning piano is still on my bucket list somehow. Pianos instantly add character to a room, don’t you think?

Here are 13 dreamy spaces featuring a piano.

13 dreamy interiors with pianos | French By Design

Broste Copehangen via Scandinavia Standard



  • Taste of France

    We bought a used piano (budget issues) because it feels and sounds different from an electric keyboard. We also acquired a very old piano in the apartments we’re renovating. Perhaps we’ll try having it tuned. It would be difficult to have it moved out, plus, as you point out, pianos look great, so we’re leaving it! It has elaborate candelabras on it. A work of art.

  • Pinelopi | my blue flamingo

    Oh I missed my piano so much after this post!! A piano is like you have something alive in the house, like if it can talk to you!

  • Kiana Underwood

    I literally want every room in my house to look like this :P just love!