Weekend Links

It’s weekend links time, and while my news feeds and Facebook timeline are filled with political related news this week, no, I won’t share any political links here, because quite honestly, I’m getting tired of US election related news and the all-time lows we’re reaching lately. This is seriously embarrassing, don’t you think?

Weekend Links | French By Design

So here are my favorite web finds this week. Have a lovely weekend folks! Xo, Si-

  • This breakfast recipe since we have some good friends here at home visiting for the weekend.
  • In case you need to see a rabbit munching on flowers, this video is for you. #totallyrandom.
  • I laughed out loud watching this video. Proof that you don’t have to be the strongest to have a real boss attitude #foodforthoughts.


Top Image via Dentelle Fleurs


6 thoughts on “Weekend Links

  1. Facebook is filled with garbage! Good think we have blogs like yours to get some inspiration on things that we love! And those links are very inspiring for sure! I especially love the Marbled Indigo Pumpkins!

    Sofia | Monochromatic Wave

  2. Hello, Si. Thank you for the fun shares. And yes, it is embarrassing. In fact, it’s humiliating. In contrast, thank you for always being so classy. Cheers, Ardith

  3. Thanks for the entertainment! I wonder if you would check out my site. My partner and I just renovated a tiny house in Provence. It’s shabby-chic/french country. I hope you like!

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