Weekend links

Hooray for the weekend! It’s been a long long week over here, and I’m excited to welcome the weekend. Before I unplug, here are my favorite web finds this week.

Weekend | French By Design


  • I used this great tutorial to create my own customized Goggle map of Tokyo with all the spots I want to visit. Game changer if you are planning a trip!
  • Definitely planning to try this chocolate and buckwheat seeds cookie recipe. Yum!
  • Love, love, love this massive loft, especially the flooring – spoiler alert : the kitchen tiles are to die for!
  • This song is on repeat lately at home – perfect weekend lounge music and it also works wonders for housecleaning ;-)
  • This butternut squash goat cheese pasta dish looks perfect for my family. Must try!


Wishing you all a sweet and cosy Fall weekend! Xo, Si-


Image French By Design © – Acrylic tray from West Elm



4 thoughts on “Weekend links

  1. The loft is interesting, but I find it cold and unappealing. I think it’s great that somebody turned the space into a home–so much better than it falling apart. But I like something cozier, personally.

  2. What a beautiful picture! Love the black dramatic wall color. Have a lovely weekend as well!

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